By customizing columns in Ads Manager, you can view specific data and learn if your campaigns are helping you meet your business goals. For example, if you want more people to view your video ad, you can customize the columns to show how many people watched your video.

  1. Click CampaignsAd Sets or Ads depending on what you want to update.
  2. Click the Columns dropdown and then select Customize Columns.

    facebook ad

  3. Select the columns you want to see. If you want to save this customization to use again later, check the box that says Save as preset
  4. Click Apply.

To use a saved preset later, click Columns and then select it from the Column Presets section.

Categories of Metrics in Ads Manager

  • Performance: Can be customized further to include metrics like results, reach, frequency and impressions.
  • Engagement: Can be customized further to show more metrics categories like page post, messaging, media, clicks and awareness.
  • Conversions: Can be customized further to include metrics like website conversions, website purchases, cost per website conversion, mobile app installs and mobile app purchases
  • Settings: Can be further customized to include metrics like start date, end date, ad set name, ad ID, delivery, bid and objective
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