Get High ROI from AdWords

Are you a marketer working off of a tight monthly PPC budget, just trying to get some ROI out of your Google AdWords campaigns? We’ve all been there. Sadly, data has shown that bigger AdWords budgets usually yield greater results. How do we know this? Well, WordStream (disclosure: I am an employee) analyzed 18,037 reports… Continue Reading Get High ROI from AdWords

Learn to use long-tail keywords

According to keyword volume data from Moz, these two phrases alone garner over 20,000 searches per month. And while they may not be the most competitive keywords you can find, they’re important to this industry — which does make them competitive. But that set of keywords spawns other keywords with differing intents:   The green… Continue Reading Learn to use long-tail keywords

How e-commerce navigation works

At the top of most any e-commerce website, you will see a strip of pixels emblazoned with words. This is something that we have all agreed to, and your visitors expect it. These words are the gatekeepers of content, and they often reveal great powers when hovered over or clicked on a computer screen. Lists… Continue Reading How e-commerce navigation works

Paid influencer posts are #ads

A new influencer marketing study from Open Influence shows that celebrities on social media are effective in getting consumers to buy things. However, most consumers also don’t fully understand when they’re seeing sponsored content. The survey polled 514 US adults who follow influencers/celebrities on social media. The chart below shows that Facebook-owned platforms dominate, followed by… Continue Reading Paid influencer posts are #ads