The value of “Landing Pages”

To truly  understand the importance of landing pages you have to know what they mean? Landing pages in general are made  to turn traffic into conversions. You can have the most beautiful website built, but if your  landing pages are not optimize property all your money and budget spent on marketing and driving people to… Continue Reading The value of “Landing Pages”

What is Local Internet marketing

How to have a successful local Internet marketing?? To have a successful local Internet marketing campaign you have to do more than listing your website in business directories or insisting to major search engines. Mobile marketing’s fast growth and more numerous techniques in mobile environments you have to have the technology in your websites to be… Continue Reading What is Local Internet marketing

Making your first Mobile Application

If you are just about starting your first mobile app,  please stop and read this article. According to international Journal  of engineering and Technology IJET-IJENS Vol:10 no:06 The uses an effect of mobile application in individuals, business and social area is one of The most concerned and rapidly developing areas in modern information and communication age.… Continue Reading Making your first Mobile Application

SEO techniques Google Hates

If you want to avoid penalties by Google, you better pay attention to what you should and shouldn’t do. These are the few items that I recommend you do not attempt to do. Hidden text–   If you’re writing keywords, in the same color as the web page so Google index it, you are putting your’s… Continue Reading SEO techniques Google Hates